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The game is available now, from then it will take either 24 or 48 hours from order depending on the delivery option. 

Not as standard but for the launch of the game we are giving away free cans with the game to the first 100 customers!

Canoff is designed to use any cans so we haven’t included them in the standard package of the game.

The official Canoff cans are made from a thicker gauge aluminium and are designed to be played with the game, you can buy these separately in the shop!

Please go to our rules page to find out more but in simple terms it’s 2 points for hitting the can clean off and 1 point for hitting the pole and the can falls off, however if your opponent catches the can they are awarded 1 point! 

Canoff is a friendly game for everyone to play, even if you’re 2 years old and learning to throw get stuck in! 

The game is best played with 2-4 players, either 1 on 1 or 2 people per team. You can play with more but we believe the game is at it’s best with this number! 

If the disc bounces off a receiving player or any surrounding objects to knock the can off, then the relevant point/points can be applied to the score.

If a player accidentally knocks the can off, a point is only deducted if the can hits the floor. 

If a player or team score 10 or more points then they win the match.

Catching the disc in-front of the pole is a serious foul as this can prevent the player from scoring points. Fouling player must lose 1 point.

If both teams happen to score 10 points a the same time you either have two options. 1 – A draw or 2 – Sudden death! 

The game is yours! Penalties can be anything from a lap around the garden, a press up or taking a drink! (if played with the consumption of alcohol, please drink responsibly) Canoff by Dino Junkie hold no responsibility for any injury caused.

Canoff is designed to be versatile in any surrounding, the weighted bases makes it possible to play on any hard surface as well as soft ground such as grass or sand!