How To Play Canoff!

Basic Rules

Two Teams, 2-4 Players!

First to 10 Wins!

Canoff, Direct Hit, 2 Points!

Canoff, Off the Pole, 1 Point!

Catch the Can, no points scored!

Bad Throw or Drop Catch Penalty!

Extended Rules

Pole Spaced 6-10m Apart!

Stand 1m Behind Poles!

No Throw Under Line!

Knock your Can Off, Lose 1 Point!

One Hand Behind Back or Holding Drink!

Losing Team, Penalty!


How do you Canoff?

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Description of Rules

It’s simple: two teams, two poles, two cans and one flying disc ….

Score points by knocking the other teams Canoff.  The first team to ten points wins! 

Two points for hitting the can clean off, one point for hitting the pole and the can falls off, but, hit the can or pole and the other team catches it, then no points are scored for the hit.

Got to make sure you aim on target though… a bad throw or a drop-catch means a penalty! The choice of penalty is up to you; a press up, a lap round the garden, a drink… you decide!

Think it’s too easy? Well, here’s the catch. All players have to have a hand behind their back, or a drink in their hand during play. Its trickier than you think!

Let’s play fair, so no hogging the poles! Players have to stand 1 meter behind their poles during play. But be careful diving for your can, a mistake knocking it off yourself will lose you one point!

You can play Canoff in the park, take it to the beach, or set it up in the garden; it’s a fun outdoor game for everyone to enjoy!

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