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Canoff logo development
Game Branding
Henry Marks

Canoff Brand Kickoff!

Second stop is Branding working with Michael Ellis the Director at Marimo, (, Myself and Mike met at Northumbria university both studying design courses. Mike

Canoff Animation
Storyboarding & Animation
Henry Marks

Canoff Animation

I wanted it to be fun and snappy with a bit of humour, that’s where the Mars scene came from with the alien popping up

Company Brand
Henry Marks

Dino Junkie Ltd

With the development of the Canoff brand I needed to come up with a business name to sell my product. I’ve always been a fan

Canoff D2M Model
Henry Marks

P4 Development D2M

Right P4, and back to the drawing board. I contacted D2M (Design 2 Market) and had a consultation session with product designer Thomas Blundell, our

Canoff innovation
Henry Marks

Design Support for Manufacture

Missing a Trick! I tested out my prototype P2 that summer and I felt like I was clearly missing something essential in the design, the

Canoff P1
Design Development
Henry Marks

Initial Ideas and Homemade Prototyping

Hello, so here we are starting the Canoff journey. Having been a self-employed designer since 2015 I’ve had a few small breaks in-between freelance contracts

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