Canoff and where it all began

The idea for Canoff came from a summer holiday with friends back in 2010. We built a makeshift version using broom sticks, buckets, bricks and some rather dodgy can assembly. 

It’s come on along way since then, check out below for some of the development progress.


CANOFF! Early Development

The makeshift game was clearly poorly designed, but I saw potential in the idea

I was really excited to see where I could take the idea – using materials that you don’t find at the bottom of the garden this time!

I made a promise to myself, and my mates on that holiday, that I would launch it as a properly designed product, and that we would never have to hunt for sticks and bricks to play the game again!

Canoff P1
Canoff mould pour

The first version of Canoff was handmade in my basement

I’ve been developing Canoff bit by bit in my spare time over the last 6 years, here’s some early images of me creating the first moulds in my basement


It’s been a long and exciting journey so far!


5 full prototypes, but 11 flying discs!


CANOFF! In the making


Follow Development Updates

Canoff logo development
Game Branding
Henry Marks

Canoff Brand Kickoff!

Second stop is Branding working with Michael Ellis the Director at Marimo, (www.marimo.co), Myself and Mike met at

Canoff Animation
Storyboarding & Animation
Henry Marks

Canoff Animation

I wanted it to be fun and snappy with a bit of humour, that’s where the Mars scene

Canoff Excited Man Ruby
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Canoff Woman Happy Ruby