PE & Schools

Canoff is More Than a Disc Game!

Canoff has endless opportunities when it comes to learning, when you introduce anything into schools, it’s got to quickly engage and inspire children and Canoff does just that.

Put a target in front of a child, the first thing they want to do is hit it so you’ve immediately got their attention with Canoff, it encourages healthy competition and can be played from reception up to year six as well as secondary schools.

How does Canoff Help Students?

Canoff lends itself for creativity, resourcefulness, team mindsets and curiosity, which is everything schools are about, you can play Canoff to the rules or kids can make up their own games.

Here at Canoff I support the focus on motor gross skills, for those who need more support in coordination skills, Canoff is entirely inclusive across all ages and abilities due to its simplicity.

How Can Canoff be Used in Schools?

Canoff can be incorporated through PE lessons, extracurricular clubs, after-school clubs, sports days and sport warm-up and cool down sessions. Give it a go and try many point scoring games. I will be uploading a games document shortly for teachers giving them game ideas inspired by other schools.

What Do We Offer?

To all schools we are offering great discounted rates! I want Canoff to spread wide and far so help me by getting in touch with us on the contact page or [email protected] and I would love to hear from you.

Henry, The Canoff Guy