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CANOFF is collapsible, solidly made and portable with it’s mesh carry bag. Set it up in a matter of minutes, it can be played by anyone, anywhere! on grass, sand, or hard surfaces.

Perfect for the garden, the park, the beach or a family camping trip. With it’s included special heavyweight game cans these make the most satisfying ‘PING’ when hit!

What’s included:

  • X2 Official Cans
  • X1 Flying Disc
  • X2 Sets of Poles & Scoring Rings
  • X2 Bases
  • X2 Can Mounts
  • X1 Carry Bag & Rules

In stock

In stock

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The new hottest game – perfect for family and friends

Easy to set up, simple to understand, and endlessly fun to play – CANOFF is a must-have for any family gathering.

Kit Includes:

Parks, Beaches, Gardens – play CANOFF on any surface

With its sturdy stumps, Canoff can be played on almost any surface. And with assembly in just a few seconds, you’re never too far away from your next game of Canoff.

Canoff Grass
Canoff Sand
Canoff Stone

Faff-free setup – play with any cans

CANOFF is designed to play with any empty cans. When you order Canoff directly, we’re including our specifically-designed Cans in our bundle offer (worth £7.99)

Play with any objects:
The mount fits a standard 330ml can size and the narrower 250ml can.


How do you Canoff?

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The Kit

Take Canoff wherever you go!

Travel Bag

Handy drawstring bag made from waterproof fabric.


Weighty bases for a stable support on all surfaces.


Universal mounts fix onto the top poles supporting the cans.


Poles clip together in three parts.

Custom Disc

Designed for short range gameplay, this disc is made from a semi-hard rubber.

Canoff Cans

Canoff cans are made from a thicker metal to withstand more impact!


If any of the answers below don’t answer your questions please drop us an email and we will get back to you with the information you are looking for.

Once ordered it will take either 3-4  or 1-2 working days from order depending on the delivery option. 

For a limited time only we are including our Canoff cans in our bundle CANOFF GAME offer!

The official Canoff cans are made from a thicker gauge aluminium and are designed to be played with the game, you can buy these separately in the shop!

Please go to our rules page to find out more but in simple terms it’s 2 points for hitting the can clean off and 1 point for hitting the pole and the can falls off, however if your opponent catches the can then no points are awarded! A game of throwing and catching.

The game is yours! Penalties can be anything from a lap around the garden, a press up or taking a drink! (if played with the consumption of alcohol, please drink responsibly) Canoff by Dino Junkie hold no responsibility for any injury caused.

The game is best played with 2-4 players, either 1 on 1 or 2 people per team. We’ve even seen customers play with 3 a side which looks great!

Canoff is a friendly game for everyone to play, even if you’re 2 years old and learning to throw get stuck in! 

Canoff is designed to be versatile in any surrounding, the weighted bases makes it possible to play on any hard surface as well as soft ground such as grass or sand!


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4.7/5 - Rated Excellent

Original price was: £47.90.Current price is: £39.95.

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