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The first 100 customers get a free set of official Canoff cans, gets yours now!

Canoff Lines
Outdoor Game

Take it anywhere!

2-4 Players

Game faces on!

Compact Size

Tidy storage!

Easy Assembly

10 seconds, GO!

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What Is Canoff Bubble

The fun outdoor game for players of all ages

Canoff is a fun outdoor game for players  of all ages. It’s easy to assemble and compacts into a small travel bag provided.

Kit Includes:
Canoff Excited Woman
Canoff Take It Anywhere

Play on any outdoor surface. Grass, Sand or Stone

Play it in the park, take it to the beach, or set it up in the garden; it’s a fun outdoor game for everyone to enjoy!

Canoff Grass
Canoff Sand
Canoff Stone
Canoff Excited Man
Canoff Fit Any Can Size

Designed to fit any can size, or use the official Canoff cans

For the full Canoff experience you can add a set of official Canoff cans, they are made from a thicker metal to withstand more impact and live a longer life than a standard can!

Play with any objects

The mount fits a standard 330ml can size and the narrower 250ml can.

The Kit

Take Canoff wherever you go!

Travel Bag

Handy drawstring bag made from waterproof fabric.


250mm Diameter base for a stable support on all surfaces.


Universal mounts fix onto the top poles supporting the cans.


Poles clip together in three parts.

Custom Disc

Designed for short range gameplay, this disc is made from a semi-hard rubber.

Canoff Cans

For the full experience get yourself a set of the official Canoff cans.

"I just got my hands on the Canoff game, what a fun game! It's super easy to set up and my kids played it for hours."

Universal Mount

The mount is designed to fit all can sizes, including bottles and cups.

Travel Bag

A neat bag for easy transportation and compact storage.


Custom disc

A custom disc is provided for the ultimate Canoff experience.

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We are giving away a set of free official Canoff cans to the first 100 customers!

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Whats included:
Canoff Excited Man Ruby
Free cans for the first 100 customers!
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Canoff Woman Happy Ruby

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