I wanted it to be fun and snappy with a bit of humour, that’s where the Mars scene came from with the alien popping up and the can getting abducted,  the way I illustrated the assets was so that each scene would be comfortable on the eye with objects being in the same places from scene to scene, for example the cat in the garden and the alien are in the same location as well as the sun in the beach scene and the Saturn planet in the Mars scene.

Hidden Imagery

I doubt it’s something that people will notice but I snuck in the icon logo shape from my Canoff brand into some of the scenes, such as the planet’s ring and the stars, have a look again and see if you can spot what star constellation is in the sky…

Voice Over Artist

I would like to thank Jo Pickard for giving some amazing direction and advice on the voiceover (www.joannepickard.co.uk) Jo is a broadcaster, live event presenter and voice over artist, she’s done coverage at the Olympic and Paralympic Games live at London 2012 as well as covering Sailing (2 Volvo Ocean Races), football (England Lionesses Live matches), food (Taste Festivals world wide, Big Feastival and Tom Kerridge’s Pub in the Park, The World Cheese Awards) I know, what a job! I highly recommend!

Pick up the Pieces

Sadly however 2 companies let me down on this, I provided a script, sketches, storyboarding, vector files, music, voiceovers, sound effects and still unable to produce the goods which pulled me back by months. In the end I took my illustration assets, learnt After-effects in 3 days and finished the lot after a few late nights. Unfortunately this just happens sometimes and I had to pick up the pieces.

Hope you like it




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I wanted it to be fun and snappy with a bit of humour, that’s where the Mars scene came from with the alien popping up

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