With the development of the Canoff brand I needed to come up with a business name to sell my product. I’ve always been a fan of dinosaurs, who isn’t! I can remember going to the cinema in 1993 with my family to watch the first Jurassic Park, as everyone being overwhelmed by the visual effects and terrified of the raptors in the kitchen scene. Since then every time I’ve made a handmade card I’ve signed it on the back ‘Dino Junkie’ with a little dinosaur face! Clearly this had to be my business name and model to sell Canoff, ‘Canoff, a game by Dino Junike’. Dinosaurs playing games, perfect!

The Character

I got Mike back from Marimo to design the logo and sent him my card sketches and a rough brief, I needed something fun, something that you would look at and make you smile no matter how old you are, the game is appealing to kids as well as adults. What was challenging was to create a logo that had both the text and the character without feeling disjointed. We first tried with teeth and spikes but it just wasn’t coming together the way I had imagined, it needed to be silly so we added an eye, still not there so came in a second smaller one to add depth, a small week of the pupil positions and we had it! It made his young daughter smile so that sold it!



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